Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation takes you on a tour of the most visually stunning and important products produced by the world's most innovative company — Apple.

With a breathtaking collection of unique photography, Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation takes the reader on a tour of the most visually stunning and important products produced by the world's most innovative company — Apple. Follow Apple's journey from 1976 through a photographic collection of their most important desktops, portables, peripherals, prototypes, iDevices (iPad, iPod and iPhone) and packaging.

ICONIC: The Classic Edition

ICONIC: The Classic Edition

Iconic uses vivid color and detail to document Apple's journey in design, form and function — and looks back, starting at 1976 when the company began, at over 35 years of Apple innovation. Four years in the making, the author captured over 150,000 photos of nearly every product Apple has made, including rare prototypes and even packaging. Complementing the photography are forewords and essays from an impressive group of luminaries, commentators and influencers in the Apple community. See the progression of more than three decades of product design that has made Apple the brand it is today.


Created as a tribute to the army of engineers, designers, product managers, and visionaries that navigated Apple through this incredible journey, Iconic is the ultimate coffee table book for every Apple fan, and the perfect gift for any Apple owner who ever wanted to explore and discover the true roots of their favorite iMac, iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

ICONIC: The Classic Plus Edition

ICONIC: The Classic Plus Edition

ICONIC: The Classic Plus Edition

ICONIC: The Classic Plus Edition

The book is available in a number of different packaging options including the new Ultimate Edition - read more about it here.

ICONIC: The Ultimate Edition

ICONIC: The Ultimate Edition

ICONIC: The Ultimate Edition

ICONIC: The Ultimate Edition

ICONIC: The Ultimate Edition

ICONIC: The Ultimate Edition

ICONIC: The Special Edition

ICONIC: The Special Edition

Created as a tribute to the army of engineers, designers, product managers, and visionaries that navigated Apple through this incredible journey, Iconic is the ultimate coffee table book for every Apple fan, and the perfect gift for any Apple owner who ever wanted to explore and discover the true roots of their favorite iMac, iPod, iPad, or iPhone. 


Follow the journey of Apple's desktop revolution.


From the Apple 1 to the latest Mac Pro - the Desktops chapter covers the most important and impactful desktop machines produced by Cupertino. They're all here - see the evolution through the Apple II line, Macintosh and the beige era, the Jony Ive revolution - to the latest ultra slim iMac desktops.



Apple IIc+, 

Apple IIc+, 

Apple II j-plus

Apple II j-plus

25 years of mobile computing, courtesy of Apple.


From the 1989 Macintosh Portable weighing 16 pounds, to the incredibly thin MacBook Air, see how Apple has consistently driven innovation in portable computing.







Disk drives. Expansion Cards. Printers. Mice.


This chapter covers a broad range of peripherals that Apple have offered over the years. This chapter is a fascinating look into how Apple approached product design before Steve Jobs returned to Apple and teamed up with Jony Ive to streamline the product direction of the company.





See how the iPod, iPad and iPhone line up have evolved over the past 10 years.



Products that made it, some that didn't


Apple prototypes enjoy a rare place in design culture - with Apple's intense secrecy about their product design, prototypes that have managed to make their way out of Apple's labs give us glimpses into what could have been and what ultimately became a reality.


Macintosh Portable

Macintosh Portable

Unifile Drive

Unifile Drive

Macintosh PowerBook 5300

Macintosh PowerBook 5300

Unboxing on steriods.


No other company puts as much thought, attention and love into how their products are packaged. This chapter will remind you why unboxing an Apple product is still a unique experience and why millions of Apple fans still keep their original boxes proudly displayed on their bookshelves.



Classic, Classic Plus, Special and Ultimate


ICONIC comes with four different packaging options.


ICONIC: The Classic Edition updates the first edition with more desktops, iDevices and prototypes photos, as well as an updated cover. ICONIC is the perfect coffee table book for the Apple enthusiast and a great gift for friends and family.

Iconic: The Classic Plus Edition is a Classic Edition that ships with a beautiful Kivar black slip case. Kivar is a black tactile decorative covering with a soft matte finish that is strong and durable. This gives your book an extra stand out on your book shelf with a bold look that is beautiful and luxuriously appealing to the touch. 

Iconic: The Ultimate Edition For the mega Apple enthusiasts, the Ultimate Edition includes a magnificent white Cromwell Aristo Grain clamshell case with a custom embedded LED that triggers a pulsing sleep cycle on movement, two original 8.5" x 11" prints and a letter of authenticity from the author. 

Iconic: The Special Edition. For the retro Apple fans, the Special Edition includes a Corvon® Metal-X cover giving a metal-like finish with a rich, lustrous covering material, a black slipcase, a custom form fit 80's vintage Apple retro form factor book case, stainless steel nameplate, original 8.5" x 11" print and a letter of authenticity from the author. Note the special edition ships with the *first* edition of ICONIC with the Metal-X cover.


 The Special Edition of ICONIC is a customized first edition copy of the Classic Edition.

The Packaging

Custom shipping boxes were manufactured to snugly fit the Special Edition for transportation. The boxes arrive flat from the manufacturer flat. They are double ply custom boxes that measure 18" x 16" x 9" (45.7cm x 40.6cm x 22.8cm). 


To protect the custom case and box during shipping, custom foam inserts were manufactured to perfectly form fit the case and fit directly into the shipping box. The inserts are made of recycled Black Polylam Foam end caps that employ a 1-1/2" thick frame and measure approximately 4" x 8" x 15-1/4".

The Book

The original Classic Edition of ICONIC uses a Slate Blue binding cloth - this is a fairly common material used for high end coffee table books. The Special Edition is covered with a Corvon® Metal-X cover giving a metal-like finish with a rich, lustrous covering material. All the pages of the book are exactly the same as the Classic Edition. 

The Slipcase

The slipcase is made of 'Alpha' - a synthetic leather cover material from Ecological Fibers Inc that brings timeless quality via state-of-the-art technology with strength and flexibility. It's composition is a non-woven backing with polyurethane coating. The ICONIC title and subtitle are foil stamped directly on to the slipcase which allows it to live outside the case and sit prominently on your bookshelf or on your coffee table, either flat or standing on it's side. 

The Book Case

The Special Edition was created as something really special for the true Apple enthusiast. After researching the world of fine art books I thought about a twist on what is traditionally a clamshell type design for a book case. The idea was to create a book case that celebrated the original look of the Apple II line, specifically the famous design by Jerry Manock with the side external vents, and to also capture the famous beige color that made these machines so recognizable.


The book must be level on the surface you are placing it on, and the book must be placed precisely flush within the slipcase before being inserted into the custom case. When you receive the Special Edition, you will see a special instruction page that highlights this. You will need to make sure that you follow these directions otherwise there is a chance the dust jacket could get caught on the edge of the custom case.

Please also note that if the slipcase is left in the book case for a period of time, it will leave a small indentation/mark on the back where the spring pushes against the top of the slipcase. You will most likely also see this indentation mark on the top of the slipcase during shipping. This is normal and expected.

The Emblem


Remember these super cool retro case badge from the Apple II line? Talk about iconic. I originally looked into replicating the original look and feel of these badges (with a different font just the same embossed style) but the costs to do this were astronomical. So I had a custom badge created to celebrate these original name badges. 


I went with a stainless steel nameplate that measures 2.42" x 1.1" with 1/8" radius corners. The material itself is .029" satin silver stainless steel, and the ICONIC emblem is background etched and color filled in black. The badges are created with pre-applied adhesive prior to die cutting. The badge is then manually placed on to the top of the custom case.

The Individual Print

The individual print included with the Special Edition is made of Canson Platine Fibre Rag which provides the aesthetic and feel of the original F-Type Baryta Fibre paper, having a true pure white tone without using optical brighteners that are known to affect the longevity of digitally produced images. Platine Fibre Rag’s extremely high Dmax and exceptional grey tones make it the product of choice for the more discerning black and white as well as color photographic prints. The size of the print is 8.5" x 11" and it is signed on the back in pencil.

Showing off the Special Edition

There are a few ways you can show off your one of a kind copy of ICONIC. What is really nice about the Metal-X cover is that you can remove the dust jacket from the book and the silver cover brings a wonderful contrast when the book is placed in the black slipcase. This gives you the option to show off the book in a few different ways. 


Make sure you include any specific instructions or requests in the Notes pages of the checkout process. If you have any more requests, questions or queries please contact me. 

Thank you,



ICONIC - The Ultimate Edition

The new Ultimate Edition of ICONIC is offered in a white Cromwell Aristo Grain clamshell case with a custom PCB designed to pulse an LED embedded inside the case itself. 

The circuit is powered by the high-performance, low-power Atmel 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller which combines 1KB ISP flash memory, 32B SRAM, 4 general purpose I/O lines, 16 general purpose working registers, a 16-bit timer/counter with two PWM channels, internal and external interrupts, programmable watchdog timer with internal oscillator, an internal calibrated oscillator, and 4 software selectable power saving modes. 

Clamshell Half Open.jpg

The Ultimate Edition PCB, designed here in Atlanta together with Flash Automation, uses a very simple circuit to gently pulse the surface mount LED three times after the ball sensors are triggered by movement.

The assembly source code used to flash the Atmel is available for download (edit: I'm having issues uploading to GitHub at the moment - contact me if you want it and I'll email it through - Jonathan).

The board and clamshell were designed to make removal of the board easy for the purpose of enabling and replacing the battery. The battery is a standard watch cell CR2032. Based on our calculations, the LED should pulse approximately 9000 times during the life of an average CR2032. Since the LED pulses three times on each movement cycle, that means that it unless you plan on picking up the book more than 3000 times, the battery should last a long time. But because it's so cool, we think that you might actually reach that number - so we made it very easy to swap out the battery.

Also included are two individual prints and a letter of authenticity from the author. This is a must have for Christmas!


Watch the video below to see the story of the making of ICONIC.

Check out a video fly through of the Ultimate Edition.


Meet the team

Jonathan Zufi, creator of Iconic.

Jonathan Zufi, creator of Iconic.

Jonathan Zufi, Author and Creator of Iconic

In 2009, Jonathan conceived the idea of photographing every product ever made by Apple® and began showcasing his work on the web. He has been a leader in technology innovation since the mid 1980s. In 2002, he received the Pearcey Award, one of the Australian government’s highest awards for IT innovation for pioneering achievement and contributions to research and development within the IT industry. He has a Bachelor of Computing (with honors) from the department of Robotics and Digital Technology at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Jonathan is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years experience in software and hardware and an industry leader in digital transformation and innovation.

Originally from Melbourne, Jonathan lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Louisa and their two children. Jonathan’s first Apple product was an Apple IIc.  

Forest McMullin.jpg

Forest McMullin, Editor

Forest is a photographer, educator, and consultant to the photographic industry. For over twenty-five years he has specialized in photographing fringe social groups and is respected for his ability to bring out their dignity while still showing them with directness and honesty. He works and exhibits regionally, nationally, and internationally. He regularly conducts workshops and lectures across the United States for a variety of photographic manufacturers. He’s currently a Professor of Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. His first Apple product was a Macintosh Plus he bought in 1987.   


Lisa Clark, Designer

Lisa has a twenty-five-year history in design and art direction for a variety of media. Primarily working in print publishing, she was a magazine designer for Rolling Stone Magazine, art director for Godine Publishing, book designer for Harvard University Press, and managed the design department at Princeton University Press. Her career includes work in technology as an eBook design manager on the Acrobat team for Adobe Systems. In print and digital, her background has a broad range, always with special attention to typography and photography. Her enthusiasm for Apple products, from her first SE to her current 2012 iMac, has never changed. 


Common Questions & Answers

How did this project come about?

In 2009 the author Jonathan Zufi began an online project called Shrine Of Apple which aimed to catalog every product Apple has ever made, with high definition photography. He wanted to create a destination for Apple fans to visit, explore and remember their favorite products with beautiful photos, as well as provide a visual record of these products, some of which many people - including hard core Apple aficionados - didn't even know existed. Jonathan also wanted to create a photography book to give the public a deeper, more personal journey through this history, beginning with the Apple 1 and spanning all the way to the latest iMacs, iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Is Apple connected to the book?

No. Iconic is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, endorsed, approved, or certified by Apple and is not affiliated in any way with Apple. Every product photographed in this book is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Where did all these products come from?

In 2009, Jonathan began buying vintage Apple products from around the world, predominantly via eBay. He amassed a collection of over 500 items, most in pristine condition and in their original packaging, in order to take the best photos possible. Jonathan also traveled the globe meeting other collectors of rare products, including prototypes, and these collectors allowed him to photograph their items for the project.

Are these stock photos of Apple products?

No. Since 2009 Jonathan has taken over 150,000 photos of hundreds of products, nearly all of them with their original packaging, boxes and accessories. With the help of his editor Forest McMullin, he took the very best of these photos and used them to create Iconic. In addition, the first generation iPod photo in Iconic was taken by Kyle Burdg, and the Macintosh Prototype was photographed by Mark Richards with permission from the Computer History Museum.

Hang on - ICONIC is missing many products from Apple's history. Where are they?

Although Jonathan has photographed nearly every product ever made by Apple, he didn't want the book to be an exhaustive reference guide; there are already many places online that provide extensive lists of every single model of Apple product, including detailed specifications. Jonathan wanted to focus on the design of the products that he felt contributed the most to the successful journey of Apple, and to showcase the very best work of his photography. If you feel that a particular product critical to the history of the company has been left out, please let us know. 

Hey I'm a huge Apple enthusiast and I found an error in your book.

Jonathan has found a couple himself :) You can see the existing errata, or contact us with any problems you have found with the book and we'll make sure to correct it in a future edition.

Is there an eBook version of Iconic?

No. If you'd like to see more photos of vintage Apple products, please visit Shrine of Apple.

What's the difference between the Classic Edition, Classic Plus Edition, Special Edition and Ultimate Edition?

All three editions are the same on the inside (i.e. content).

  • The Classic Plus Edition includes a beautiful Senzo black slip case with the ICONIC title and subtitle foil stamped on the front of the case. Senzo by Corvon is a black tactile decorative covering with a soft matte finish that is strong and durable. This gives your book an extra stand out on your book shelf with a bold look that is beautiful and luxuriously appealing to the touch.
  • The Special Edition (First Revision Only) includes a special Corvon® Metal-X cover, and 'Alpha' black slipcase, a custom form fit book case with a design to celebrate the vintage Apple retro form factor of the late 70s and early 80s and a single original print of one of Iconic's best photographs.
  • The Ultimate Edition includes a  clamshell case, custom LED embedded with movement sensor (white or blue light options) and two original 8.5" x 11" fine prints on Canson Platine Fine Art.

What is the ISBN of 'Iconic'?

The ISBN is 9-780988-581715.

Hey I live in Atlanta also. Do you offer local pickup?

We may be able to offer local pickup for certain situations. Please contact us  *prior* to ordering.

I live in the United States. What are the shipping costs to my state? 

Delivery of the Classic Plus, Special Edition or Ultimate Edition is free. Please allow 3 to 5 days processing. Priority Mail shipping should get the book to you in 1 and 3 days. We no longer ship outside the US.

What is your return policy?

We do not offer returns. If your book is damaged or defective we will exchange it for a new one. Damages and defects are defined as problems with the book that were caused during manufacturing - if your book was damaged by you, we cannot exchange it for a new one. For more details, see here.

I can't track my book - I am getting the message: 'Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site.'

Please allow at least one full working day for tracking information to be submitted to the carrier. If you are seeing a message like 'Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site.' then please check back in 1 day. 

When I go to track my package, I get a message that says the package was already delivered to another country. Huh?

For reasons unknown to us, USPS recycles their tracking numbers. This means that when we generate the shipping label for your order, the tracking number assigned to us is not actually live yet - wait a couple of days for your order to move through the USPS system and get scanned - then up to date tracking information will be available through their website. 

I don't want to use my credit card - do you offer any other options?

We understand that you may not want to use a credit card so here is some background on our infrastructure. We use Shopify for our online store (http://www.shopify.com/pci-compliant) and Stripe (https://stripe.com/us/features#seamless-security) for credit card processing. We may offer PayPal in certain circumstances - please contact us for details.