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Jonathan Zufi, creator of Iconic.

Jonathan Zufi, creator of Iconic.

Jonathan Zufi, Author and Creator of Iconic

In 2009, Jonathan conceived the idea of photographing every product ever made by Apple® and began showcasing his work on his website He has been a leader in technology innovation since the mid 1980s. In 2002, he received the Pearcey Award, one of the Australian government’s highest awards for IT innovation for pioneering achievement and contributions to research and development within the IT industry. He has a Bachelor of Computing (with honors) from the department of Robotics and Digital Technology at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Jonathan is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years experience in software and hardware. As Vice President of Product Technology, Jonathan is tasked with defining the strategic technology roadmap and vision for the Kids II product portfolio with a goal of delivering a meaningful and impactful experience for both baby and parents. Jonathan brings deep experience spanning mobility, Internet of Things, multi mode user experiences (AR/VR) and cloud - across development, testing, integration and implementation. In his day to day role at Kids II, Jonathan works directly with product design and packaging, marketing, insights and sales to use technology to bring meaningful experiences into the home supporting over 400 infant and baby products delivered to more than 76,800 retail outlets worldwide, across Kids II’s seven unique brands: Baby Einstein, Bright Starts, InGenuity, Comfort & Harmony, Disney, Oball and Taggies.

Originally from Melbourne, Jonathan lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Louisa and their two children. Jonathan’s first Apple product was an Apple IIc.  

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Forest McMullin, Editor

Forest is a photographer, educator, and consultant to the photographic industry. For over twenty-five years he has specialized in photographing fringe social groups and is respected for his ability to bring out their dignity while still showing them with directness and honesty. He works and exhibits regionally, nationally, and internationally. He regularly conducts workshops and lectures across the United States for a variety of photographic manufacturers. He’s currently a Professor of Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. His first Apple product was a Macintosh Plus he bought in 1987.   


Lisa Clark, Designer

Lisa has a twenty-five-year history in design and art direction for a variety of media. Primarily working in print publishing, she was a magazine designer for Rolling Stone Magazine, art director for Godine Publishing, book designer for Harvard University Press, and managed the design department at Princeton University Press. Her career includes work in technology as an eBook design manager on the Acrobat team for Adobe Systems. In print and digital, her background has a broad range, always with special attention to typography and photography. Her enthusiasm for Apple products, from her first SE to her current 2012 iMac, has never changed.