Common Questions & Answers

How did this project come about?

In 2009 the author Jonathan Zufi began an online project called Shrine Of Apple which aimed to catalog every product Apple has ever made, with high definition photography. He wanted to create a destination for Apple fans to visit, explore and remember their favorite products with beautiful photos, as well as provide a visual record of these products, some of which many people - including hard core Apple aficionados - didn't even know existed. Jonathan also wanted to create a photography book to give the public a deeper, more personal journey through this history, beginning with the Apple 1 and spanning all the way to the latest iMacs, iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Is Apple connected to the book?

No. Iconic is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, endorsed, approved, or certified by Apple and is not affiliated in any way with Apple. Every product photographed in this book is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Where did all these products come from?

In 2009, Jonathan began buying vintage Apple products from around the world, predominantly via eBay. He amassed a collection of over 500 items, most in pristine condition and in their original packaging, in order to take the best photos possible. Jonathan also traveled the globe meeting other collectors of rare products, including prototypes, and these collectors allowed him to photograph their items for the project.

Are these stock photos of Apple products?

No. Since 2009 Jonathan has taken over 150,000 photos of hundreds of products, nearly all of them with their original packaging, boxes and accessories. With the help of his editor Forest McMullin, he took the very best of these photos and used them to create Iconic. In addition, the first generation iPod photo in Iconic was taken by Kyle Burdg, and the Macintosh Prototype was photographed by Mark Richards with permission from the Computer History Museum.

Hang on - ICONIC is missing many products from Apple's history. Where are they?

Although Jonathan has photographed nearly every product ever made by Apple, he didn't want the book to be an exhaustive reference guide; there are already many places online that provide extensive lists of every single model of Apple product, including detailed specifications. Jonathan wanted to focus on the design of the products that he felt contributed the most to the successful journey of Apple, and to showcase the very best work of his photography. If you feel that a particular product critical to the history of the company has been left out, please let us know. 

Hey I'm a huge Apple enthusiast and I found an error in your book.

Jonathan has found a couple himself :) You can see the existing errata, or contact us with any problems you have found with the book and we'll make sure to correct it in a future edition.

Is there an eBook version of Iconic?

No. If you'd like to see more photos of vintage Apple products, please visit Shrine of Apple.

What's the difference between the Classic Edition, Classic Plus Edition, Special Edition and Ultimate Edition?

All three editions are the same on the inside (i.e. content).

  • The Classic Plus Edition includes a beautiful Senzo black slip case with the ICONIC title and subtitle foil stamped on the front of the case. Senzo by Corvon is a black tactile decorative covering with a soft matte finish that is strong and durable. This gives your book an extra stand out on your book shelf with a bold look that is beautiful and luxuriously appealing to the touch.
  • The Special Edition (First Revision Only) includes a special Corvon® Metal-X cover, and 'Alpha' black slipcase, a custom form fit book case with a design to celebrate the vintage Apple retro form factor of the late 70s and early 80s and a single original print of one of Iconic's best photographs.
  • The Ultimate Edition includes a  clamshell case, custom LED embedded with movement sensor (white or blue light options) and two original 8.5" x 11" fine prints on Canson Platine Fine Art.

What is the ISBN of 'Iconic'?

The ISBN is 9-780988-581715.

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I live in the United States. What are the shipping costs to my state? 

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