Publishing is hard. Self publishing is even harder when you don't have a team of people to help you get it 110% right. Even after checking proofs hundreds of times before going to print, it turns out that I missed a few things. This page will serve as an ongoing list of errors in Iconic. If you see a problem with the book, please let me know.

The following is a list of known errors in the First Revision that have been corrected in the Second Revision.

  1. Introduction (page 1): I refer to 'RobotWars'. The name of the game should have been referred to as 'RobotWar' without the extra 's'.
  2. Introduction (page 1): I refers to 'pure 6802 assembly'. I studied deep hardware and software engineering at Monash University in the late 80's/early 90's. During this time I wrote assembly code on several platforms include Motorola's 6800 line - the intent in the book was to highlight assembly programming I did on the Apple IIc years earlier which did not use a 6800 chipset - for the context of this sentence, the correct reference should have been 65C02 since that machine used a CMOS-based 65C02 microprocessor.
  3. The 2nd last paragraph on my introduction page is missing the word 'to'. 
  4. Pages 121, 122 and 123 show a MacBook 2009 (MC207LL/A) - this has been incorrectly labelled as 2006. 
  5.  On page 179, the picture of the Hard Disk 20SC is inverted. How did I ever miss this one?!?
  6.  The iPod on page 193 is incorrectly labelled as 6th generation iPod - this should have been a 5th generation.