Meet the contributors to Iconic

Iconic features written contributions from an incredible line-up of luminaries, visionaries and highly respected commentators in the Apple® community. The following individuals contributed either in the form of a foreword or chapter introduction within the pages of Iconic.


Jim Dalrymple, Founder of The Loop

Jim Dalrymple, Founder of The Loop

Jim Dalrymple
Founder of The Loop

Founder of The Loop, Jim Dalrymple is one of the most trusted and respected names in the Apple community. He has been following Apple and its products for the last seventeen years, first as one of the original members of MacCentral, then at Macworld. He held several positions at Macworld over his ten years there, including his final job as editor at large, before leaving in May 2009. Jim’s work has featured in many publications including Macworld, PC World, Computerworld, and Macworld UK.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple

Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple

Steve Wozniak
Co-founder of Apple

A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for the past three decades, Steve helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple’s first line of products. In 1976, Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer Inc. with Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer. The following year, he introduced his Apple II personal computer. The Apple II was integral in launching the personal computer industry and began Apple’s ascent to becoming the leader in personal computers, music, and mobile computing.

Ken Segall, author, creative director

Ken Segall, author, creative director

Ken Segall
Creative director, author of Insanely Simple

Ken is a veteran ad agency creative director who has spent more than half his career creating ads for Steve Jobs and Apple. Ken was a member of the “think different” team and set Apple down the i-path by naming the iMac. His bestselling book, Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success, is an insider’s look at how Steve’s love of simplicity helped fuel Apple’s spectacular rise. Ken blogs about technology and marketing at and is a co-founder of the popular Apple satire site,

Daniel Kottke, Apple employee #12

Daniel Kottke, Apple employee #12

Daniel Kottke
Entrepreneur, Apple employee #12

Daniel Kottke was Apple’s first employee (part-time, in the garage, in 1976), and rejoined them full time in 1977 after finishing his B.A. in music at Columbia just in time to help out with assembly of the first batch of Apple IIs. A self taught engineer, during his eight years with Apple, Daniel debugged Apple II printed circuit boards, built Apple III and Macintosh prototypes, and became co-designer of the Macintosh keyboard, with help from Ed Riddle. An original member of the Macintosh development team, his signature can be found on the internal wall of early production Macintosh computers.

Chet Pipkin, CEO of Belkin international

Chet Pipkin, CEO of Belkin international

Chet Pipkin
Chairman & Founder of Belkin International

Born and raised in Southern California, Chet Pipkin has nurtured a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, both in building one of the world’s most exciting technology brands, and in supporting organizations and individuals that help build and repair the fabric of society for those in need. Belkin’s commitment to enhancing the user experience has earned it the claim of being one of Apple’s largest and most tenured partners in the peripheral ecosystem, and continues to drive the company’s success today. Chet lives in Manhattan Beach, California. 

Sebastiaan de With, Visual Designer

Sebastiaan de With, Visual Designer

Sebastiaan de With
Visual Designer, Chief Creative Officer at doubleTwist

Sebastiaan de With loves making and enjoying well designed things. He strives to make technology better and easier to use through visual and user-interface design. After receiving and falling in love with his first MacBook Pro, he began digging into what made the “wrapping” of its software so good. He eventually went to work for Steve Jobs in Apple’s Internet Services group as essentially half of a two-man design team during Apple’s challenging MobileMe to iCloud transition. Sebastiaan currently serves as chief creative officer at a San Francisco-based startup called doubleTwist.

James Savage, host of RetroMacCast

James Savage, host of RetroMacCast

James Savage
Host of RetroMacCast

James Savage's fascination with Apple and its products began the day his father brought home the family's first computer, an Apple IIe. His interest in computers grew with his first Macintosh which led to a second, a third, and eventually a collection numbering nearly two hundred. He launched RetroMacCast in 2006, a weekly podcast in which he and his co-host John discuss Apple's rich history and share their collections with thousands of listeners around the world.

Tom Giley, former ATG manager at Apple

Tom Giley, former ATG manager at Apple

Tom Gilley
CTO, entrepreneur, former ATG manager at Apple

Tom Gilley is a technology strategist and entrepreneur with success in social computing, modern media, and mobile technologies. Gilley gained his corporate product management experience at Apple Computer. As an engineer and R&D manager in the Advanced Technology Group, he developed and managed an intellectual property portfolio, products and spin-out companies for handheld computers, tablet computers, set-top boxes, media systems, digital cameras, and social computing. Tom lives and works in New York City with professional roots in Silicon Valley.

Also featured is commentary from the following technology leaders who graciously agreed to share their thoughts and previously published writings within the pages of Iconic.

Bill Fernandez.jpg

Bill Fernandez is an avid electronics hobbyist, home automation aficionado, do-it-yourselfer, home handyman, fine-art photographer, martial artist, husband, father, and all-around nice guy. Bill is known for having introduced Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to each other, and for having been Apple Computer's first employee. Professionally, Bill is a consulting user interface architect.

Loren Brichter.jpg

Loren Brichter is the founder of atebits, an indie iOS development company. He is one of the most highly respected and ground breaking developers in the mobile/iOS space. Originally a member of the iPhone's OpenGL team, Loren is the author of some of the most successful apps built on the iOS platform, but more importantly is an iOS guru, creator of well established iOS gestures and UX paradigms such as pull to refresh and others. Loren is highly respected in the wider developer community for his acumen, experience and accessibility.

Nolan Bushnell.jpg

Nolan Bushnell is a technology pioneer, entrepreneur and engineer. Often cited as the father of the video game industry, he is best known as the founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater. Currently, with his new company, Brainrush, he is devoting his talents to enhancing and improving the educational process by integrating the latest in brain science. Additionally, he enjoys motivating and inspiring others in his speeches on entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and education.

Eric Hoffert.jpg

Eric Hoffert has more than twenty five years of experience leading product and technology development in digital media, software-as-a-service, mobile services, and cloud computing. Eric previously managed Apple's Multimedia Communications Group, where he co-founded the QuickTime software project and led development of the first real-time software video compression algorithm which is now used on more than 500 million computers. He was also a project leader for QuickTime Conferencing and while at Apple, Eric received the CEO Technical Award for the development of QuickTime software.

Nobuyuki Hayashi.jpg

Nobuyuki 'Nobi' Hayashi is a freelance journalist/consultant based in Tokyo. He investigates future trends in Japanese design and technology, particularly with respect to their effect on lifestyle and the workplace. His commentary has been featured on TV, radio, print media and various web news sites, and he also reports from Apple's private events.

Charlie Kindel.jpg

Charlie Kindel is a Director at Amazon working on an undisclosed new business (Amazon has a lot of undisclosed businesses). Charlie is known for building two Seattle startups (including MileLogr), the Windows Phone 7 application platform and 3rd party ecosystem, Windows Home Server, and Windows Media Center. He is an active angel investor and has advised technology companies in Seattle, Boston, New Hampshire, and California. Charlie has a large social media following (@ckindel on Twitter) and blogs on various topics at

Nick Chaves.jpg

Nick Chaves is a software engineer at Google and owner at Vast Media, living and working in Seattle, Washington. He's worked at some cool places — AtTask, Electronic Arts, and now Google. He also started Vast Media as a way to offer small businesses media services from someone who will take the time to understand their business but not break their budget. When he's off the clock, he might be rock climbing, taking pictures, playing basketball, or spending time with his wife and kids. Preferably some combination. Check out his site at

Kelli Richards.jpg

Kelli Richards is a true trailblazer in the digital music and media arenas with more than twenty years of senior-level experience. A highly sought-after consultant, mentor, speaker, producer, coach and author, Kelli is the CEO of The All Access Group.  Prior to founding The All Access Group, Kelli served in senior roles at Fortune 100 entertainment and technology companies, including Apple Inc., where she launched Apple’s earliest focus on music and drove all music initiatives during her 10 years with the market leader. She also served in senior-level executive capacities at EMI Music as an A&R exec, and Silicon Graphics (SGI) where she helped launch Silicon Studio, the company’s entertainment division. 

Alex Heath.jpg

Alex Heath is a freelance tech writer currently covering Apple and Google at Cult of Mac and Cult of Android. Check out his blog at

Neal Pann.jpg

One of my first supporters on Twitter, Neal A. Pann is an alumnus of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California with over 20 years of architectural experience in the design of residential and commercial projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a licensed architect and a LEED Accredited Professional. In addition to practicing architecture, Neal is involved in the local community as a member of City of Livermore’s Planning Commission, and is formerly a member of Livermore’s Historic Preservation Commission. He also created and is co-host of the Archispeak Podcast. Neal is concerned with built environment and how it informs and influences our everyday lives. See his work here.

Ken Hess.jpg

Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments. 13 of those twenty have been with EDS/HP. As a freelance writer, Ken writes on a variety of topics including interoperability, virtualization, data center operations, databases, and open source software. His first computer was a Commodore VIC-20, which he purchased because William Shatner was in the commercials. 

Paul Thurrott.jpg

Paul Brian Thurrott is a technology blogger, published author, podcaster, and news editor for Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows and Windows IT Pro magazine. He regularly writes news, previews, and reviews for beta and completed Microsoft products, such as Windows, Microsoft Surface, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Microsoft Office, and other products. He has also speculated on Microsoft's new console, leading to wide spread rumours about the upcoming announcement.

Gabreal Franklin.jpg

Gabreal Franklin is a multi-talented entrepreneur who was the former CEO of Encore Systems - a premier software developer for the Macintosh platform. Titles included CoreEdit, MacWrite, Full Impact, EtherMac, HyperSQL, and many other early Macintosh products. Encore Systems also provided core technology for other companies Products (like Symantech's 'More". MovieMagic, Intel's i750 DVI etc.). A classic 'beyond the bleeding edge' engineering team, under the initial leadership of Randy Wigginton, with his two friends Ed Ruder and Don Breunner. They delivered MacWrite shipping in January 1984.

I am truly grateful to these extremely busy professionals for agreeing to contribute and be quoted in the pages of Iconic.  

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