The 2nd Revision

I’m excited to share some updates with you. I’ve released a second edition with a new cover and 16 new pages of photos to bring the book a little more up to date. Producing a book like this takes a long time and unfortunately I couldn’t include the iPhone 6 in this release, but it does include new prototypes and lots more.

I’ve created a supplement with all of the new photos. If you live in the US your supplement has either arrived or it's in the mail. If you live outside of the US, you can get the supplement for just the cost of shipping which is $12 (click here).

I'm super excited to announce my new
 ‘Ultimate Edition’ which comes in a beautiful Cromwell Aristo Grain-White clamshell case - inside is an embedded LED to celebrate the ‘breathing’ sleep indicator prominent in earlier MacBook Pro models. Simply pick up the book and the translucent power symbol icon on the front will start to glow. Check it out here.

The Classic Version is available from all fine book stores and online through major book retailers. I'm also excited to announce that shipping for the Classic Plus, Special and Ultimate Editions are all free - anywhere around the world. Yes I can finally ship the book for free. 

Thank you all for your continued support and contact me if you have any questions!